Atlantic Anchoveta
Cetengraulis edentulus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
M, S 17 Pla Sh F
Body is deep and laterally flattened and covered on large scales which detach easily.
Snout is conical and projects forward. Generally silver with blue-green back and younger fish often have a mid lateral stripe. Tail and anal fin yellow, plus a series of large black dots along base of anal fin, other fins clear.

Forms large shoals in inshore waters, lagoons and near mangroves as well as being able to enter brackish water. Found at depths from 0-25m (0-90ft). Feeds by filtering plankton with its gill rakers.

Life Cycle
Spawns en masse in Autumn/ Winter with mass gamete release. Eggs are oval, spawned a along shoreline out to about 1.5 km and hatching at about 20-24 hours later.
Atlantic Anchoveta