Belted Cardinalfish
Apogon  townsendi
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
R , Co 8.5 Pla, Noct I/ Sh F
Pink/orange body (varying to very pale),
thin black bar from the posterior edge of second dorsal fin to posterior edge of anal fin. Two additional black/dark bars at base of tail, sometimes more promient than others, will vary between a broad dark bar (the space between bars being filled in)  or small barely noticeable bars. Large eyes and head, oblique front-opening mouth. Lateral line extends onto the base of the tail.

Commonly found in coral reefs, often next to Diadema sea urchins and in holes/ under ledges, in depths of 3-55 m (10-160ft). It is a midwater noctornal plankton eating fish. Can be both solitary or live in groups.

Life Cycle
They have distinct pairing during courtship, as the female courts the male. They spawn in pairs near the bottom, and exhibit paternal mouth brooding behaviour. The male coops up the eggs and they are held in the mouth of the male for incubation. The eggs in the oral cavity also impede respiration, hence such males are rather secretive and quiescent.
Belted Cardinalfish