Black Hamlet
Hypoplectrus nigricans
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co 15 Cru, Wor, Pisc I/ Pr SH
Body blackish (the intensity of the black can vary from bluish to brownish). All fins pigmented, including the pectorals. Ventral fins particulary long. Occasionally first spine of ventral fin blue. Other fins can have a blue cast or be entirely blue.
Juvenile: All juvenile Hamlets look similar, having a pale body colour, with a
black saddle at the end of the tail base (caudal peduncle), with 2 white spots.

This species inhabits shallow reefs over hard or soft corals, often found near the bottom. Depth range 3 - 13 m (10-45ft).

Life Cycle:
Synchronous hermaphrodites with individuals alternating male and female "roles" during spawning. Regular pairs meet at the same location in evenings to breed and perform a dancing display.
(C) Johnathan Lavan
Juvenile Hamlet
Black Hamlet
(C) Kevin Bryant
Tentative ID from images in Antigua to date
Black Hamlet
Black Hamlet