Blackbar Soldierfish
Myripristis jacobus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co 25 Pla Noct I F
Body deep, compressed and robust. Red above, paling to silvery below, with a
black and red bar behind the head. Eyes prominent. The red dorsal fin has white marks at the tips and a few along the base. Edges of ventral, anal, rear dorsal and tail fins with white borders. Spinous dorsal fin with red and white markings.

Inhabits shallow coral reefs, deeper rocky reefs, and offshore deep waters to 90 m depth, but is most common at inshore reefs. It is occasionally found in caves and crevices. It is a nocturnal species that feeds on planktonic organisms. Occasionally found swimming upside down.

Life Cycle:
Eggs and larvae are pelagic, with a pelagic juvenile duration of 40-58 days.
Blackbar Soldierfish
Blackbar Soldierfish