Brown Chromis
Chromis multilineata
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co/ R 16 Pla Sh F
Yellow-edge Chromis
Brown Chromis
Body laterally flattened, oval in profile, with a slender, deeply forked tail. Body pale brown/ tan with darker brown on the nape, along the back. Prominent
white spot behind second dorsal fin. Tail borders and dorsal fin upper margin dark with yellow tips/ accents. Black spot at the base of the pectoral fin. Dorsal fin ending in a blunt point.

This species generally occurs over steep slopes and patch reefs from 1 to 90m. It is diurnal and most commonly forms moderate-sized feeding-schools over reef tops, rising above the bottom to feed on plankton, mainly copepods. The species is often seen with Blue Chromis (Chromis cyanea). It is a generalist in terms of exposure, depth and substratum level