Butter Hamlet
Hypoplectrus unicolor
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R (Man) 13 Cru, Wor, Pisc I/ Pr SH
Adult: Body laterally flattened,
grayish white to yellow in color, with a large black saddle blotch on the base of the tail. Iridescent blue dorsal-ventral lines on the head, sometimes extending to the leading edge of the ventral fins. One distinct blue line encircles the eye. Often two black spots on snout. Ventral fins yellowish, pectoral fins clear.
Juvenile: All juvenile Hamlets look similar, having a pale body colour, with a
black saddle at the end of the tail base (caudal peduncle), with 2 white spots.

Carnivorous reef-associated species, swimming near the bottom. Maximum length of 13 cm. Juveniles are commonly found in mangrove habitats and therefore, may play a minor role in its life cycle. Its depth range is 3 to 15 m (10-50ft).

Life Cycle:
Synchronous hermaphrodites with individuals alternating male and female "roles" during spawning. Regular pairs meet at the same location in evenings to breed and perform a dancing display.
Butter Hamlet
(C) Johnathan Lavan
Butter Hamlet
Juvenile Hamlet (All)