Scomberomorus regalis
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel to 90 Pisc Sh F
Elongated and highly compressed fish with a short snout in comparison to rest of head. Top jawbone is exposed when mouth is closed, with strong compressed triangular teeth.
Back is green/blue with silver white underside and low sides, orangeish stripe along side and rows of small dark spots. Dorsal fin is black, with a white tip.

It is most abundant in water saround coral reefs, sometimes showing schooling behaviour. 0-50m (0-160ft). It has a mostly piscatorial diet, including squid and shrimps.

Able to evade predation by diving sea birds due to blue-green coloured backs camouflaging with water, therefore preventing detection. Escaping predation beneath is difficult; predators include wahoo, sharks and dolphins.

Life Cycle:
Reproduction in cero occurs year round. Males attain reproductive maturity at smaller sizes than females which are reproductively mature at 38-79cm and lay approximately 160,000 to 2.23 million eggs which are 1.16-1.22mm in diameter. These eggs are pelagic and develop into planktonic larvae.