Checkerboard Frillfin
Bathygobius lacertus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
S, R (Co) 10 Cru, Wor, Det I F
Robust body with broad head with very rounded snout. Large, close-together eyes that almost meet at the top of the head. Pelvic fins almost fused into a disc. Upper body with three indistinct saddles, as well as one more at the tail base. No lateral line or scales on cheeks or operculum.
Lower body has a checkerboard pattern of dark spots against pale body. Second dorsal fin has dark stripes, and base of tail fin has a dark bar on base.

Common in limestone and rocky tidepools and exposed rocky beaches, as well as pebbled shorelines and reef crests. Depths of 0-3m (0-10ft).  Feeds on small benthic crustaceans.

Life Cycle
Benthic eggs with pelagic larvae.

Checkerboard Frillfin