Clown Wrasse
Halichoeres maculipinna
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 19 Ech, Cru, Mol I (Ter) PGH
Terminal phase (Males): Primarily rose and green, losing the IP/ Juveniledark lateral stripe, gain a
prominent black spot on mid-side, and have a larger black spot in the spinous portion of the dorsal finRed and green/ yellow transverse bands across top of head.
Initial phase: Upper body greenish to brownish
Wide black stripe through eye to base of tail, below prominent gold line,  white below. Head yellowish green, with  3 transverse reddish bands across top and occasionally snout. Black spot on dorsum behind end of rear dorsal fin. Short pink bars on many of body scales; median fins reddish.
Juvenile phase:  Lower ½ white; a broad black stripe from top of mouth, through eye to end of tail base above that; a thin yellow stripe above that, and a dark brown stripe along top of back above that. Red eyes and often red snout tip.

This species is reef associated and is found from 1-30m (3-100ft). It is abundant on reef tops and in shallow rocky areas. It can also be found in Sargassum beds. The tricolored pattern of the initial phase is similar to that of the juveniles of the yellowmouth grouper, Mycteroperca interstitialis, possibly as aggressive mimicry.
Large males  are territorial, particularly when spawning. Small individuals are territorial towards equal sized conspecifics, but not towards dissimilar sized conspecifics or any individuals of an abundant congener. Territoriality of small H. maculipinna may be related to the process of sex-change rather than defense of food. .

Life Cycle
It is a protogynous hermaphrodite,  with some Initial Phase (IP) females, turning into Terminal Phase (TP) males with length at sex change ~0.9 cm.  Both sexes migrate from feeding areas to spawning sites at the edges of reefs at specific times of day.
Clown Wrasse (Terminal Phase)
(C) Kevin Bryant
(C) Rick Stuart-Smith
Clown Wrasse (Terminal Phase)
Clown Wrasse (Initial Phase)
Clown Wrasse (juvenile)
Clown Wrasse (juvenile)