Diamond Blenny
Malacoctenus boehlkei
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 6.4 Wor, Mol, Cru Ter F
Black occellus with yellow ring on fore dorsal fin, remainder transparent.  Elongated ventral fins. Pointed nose typical of all Malacoctenus genus. Pale grey to tan body with 7 (black in male, brownish-orange in female) pale centered saddles along upper back. Lower body with pale spots and a row of ~8 dark, white centered diamonds.

Inhabit patch reefs or other deeper water coral formations, from 2 to 30m (6-90ft). Bottom dwelling.
Can reach a length of 6.4 centimetres (2.5 inches).

Life Cycle
Lays eggs in the benthos. Larvae have a pelagic phase before reaching maturity.
Diamond Blenny
(C) J Lavan
Diamond Blenny