Elysia Species 1
Elysia sp
To 3cm

Background colour green with white blotches.

The primary food source is relatively unknown, although some individuals have been known to consume a diversity of algal species.
The greens and reddish colourations come from kleptoplasty. As algal food is being digested, the chloroplasts are absorbed into the cells lining the digestive tract and up into their parapodia. Chloroplast retention tends to last around 40 day. Given the variation in their diet, chloroplasts from different algal species have been found to be taken up into the same cells, functioning normally alongside the other.

    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
R, Co 3 Veg * I SH
* Some energy is gained from retained chloroplasts
Elysia Sp 1
Awaiting better pictures, which might aid clarification, but some Elysia spp are still undescribed. Although this one is particularly elongate. Cited for interest.