Fairy Basslet
Gramma loreto
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 8 Pla (Cle) Sh F
Fairy Basslet
Fairy Basslet
Royal Gramma
(C) DrP Ryan/ RyanPhotographic
Body bicolored,
purple to violet in front, bright orange-yellow behind. Dorsal fin with a dark spot and several streaks on the head, running across the eye

A reef-associated species found in caves or under ledges and can form aggregations of up to 100 individuals, but often seen as singlr individuals. It is most abundant in insular coral reef systems. It tends to occur in localized regions of high vertical relief within reef areas and does not show preference for a particular coral species. Depth usually at least 2m.
It swims with its belly  towards substrate, hence is seen under ledges upside down. It feeds on suspended plankton and, to a small extent, on ectoparasites of other fishes.

Life Cycle:
Spawning occurs in spring and early summer, prior to which, some males establish nest sites in small holes and crevices in the substrate. Females travel to male nests for egg deposition around dawn. Eggs deposited within the nests are tended by the male. Males show various types of nest care behaviour including guarding, nest maintenance, detritus clearing, and simple nest entering
Fairy Basslet