Freckled Cardinalfish
Phaeoptyx conklini
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
R , Co 8 Pla Sh F
Oblong laterally compressed body, with a large head, short snout and eyes.Pink to bronze/ pale brown. Snout not yellowish. Head with many dark spots; rear edges of scales
2-3 uniformly spaced dark dots (cf Dusky Cardinalfish), forming crescent shaped marks. Dark bar on tail base, usually spans entire width of tail base, with front edge usually irregular. Broad dark stripes along bases of dorsal and anal fins, usually with a pale stripe between that and base of fin; dark upper and lower edges of tail. Often dark stripe below eye.
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Reaches depths form 0 to 50 m (3-150ft), inhabiting reefs, coral or gravel bottoms. Usually hides in nooks and crevices during the day, and feeds at night on zooplankton. 

Life Cycle
Males are mouth brooders and do not feed until the eggs hatch. The eggs in the oral cavity also impede respiration, hence such males are rather secretive and quiescent. They form distinct pairs during courtship and breed throughout the year.
Freckled Cardinalfish
Freckled Cardinalfish