Goldspotted Eel
Myrichthys ocellatus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
S, R, Co 110 Cru Noct I F
Thin tan to orange-brown body, occasionally with yellow-green cast. Bright
yellow-gold spots with diffuse black borders on body and head.

This demersal species is found on coral reefs, seagrass beds, sandy, rock and rubble bottoms in algae clumps or between reef crevices. It may move above or below the sand. It is often found moving over the bottom, poking its head into holes in shallow rocky and coral reef shores. It is also found in lagoons. Depths of 0-150m.
It is a nocturnal species that feeds at night primarily on crabs and ensconces itself in substrate during daylight hours. Its feeding method in sandy areas includes burying the tip of its tail in the sand and destroying the hideout of the prey by flipping its rear and/or anterior regions vigorously until the hole is widened enough to stick its head in to capture the prey. It has been observed to Nuclear Hunt, where it works with various nuclear follower species to flush out prey together, e.g Groupers.

Males can reach 1.1m in length.

Life Cycle
Eggs and larvae are pelagic.
Goldspotted Eel
Goldspotted Eel