Grey Angelfish
Pomacanthus arcuatus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 45 Spo ( Veg, Gor, Bry,Tun) Pr F
Adult: Body laterally flattened with a discoid profile,
light grey to greyish-brown with dark-centred scales. inner face of pectoral fin often has yellow face. Square-edged tail.
Intermediate: Two o r 3 pale body bars, with another on tail base.
Juvenile: Black with three yellow body bars, plus another towards front of tail, rear border of tail clear (N.B. cf French Angelfish juvenile). Yellow band extends from forehead and across lips to chin. Yellow ring around borders of lips.

Lives in coral reefs, usually solitary, occasionally in pairs. Juveniles are part-time cleaners. Feed mainly on sponges, but also takes tunicates, algae, zoantharians, gorgonians, hydroids, bryozoans, and seagrasses.

Life Cycle
Oviparous, monogamous. Matures at ~23cm.
Grey Angelfish Juvenile
Grey Angelfish Adult
Gray Angelfish
(C) Peter Leahy
(C) Paddy Ryan/ Ryan Photographic
Grey Angelfish Adult