HAMLETS - Serranidae
Hamlets are simultanious hermaphrodites. They meet as regular pairs in evening to spawn at the same site, with individuals taking it in turms to act as amle or female.

Head and body deep, strongly compressed, forehead straight, snout relatively short. Top jaw protrusible, rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it. Teeth fixed: preoperculum angular, serrated, several small forward pointing spines on lower edge near the corner.
Gill rakers 17-23: dorsal fin X. 14-17. no notch after spines, membranes between spines not indented: pelvics long, reach to or beyond anus: tail fin slightly forked: lateral line scales 43-53: soft dorsal and anal fins mostly scaleless.

Greek, hypo = under + Greek, plektron = sting, spur
Butter Hamlet
Hypoplectrus unicolor
There are other seabasses (Serranidae), including Groupers, Basslets and others - see elsewhere
Barred Hamlet
Hypoplectrus  puella
Black Hamlet
Hypoplectrus nigricans
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