Hardhead Silverside
Atherinomorus stipes
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel 10 Pla Sh F
Eye large (~X2 snout length) and head wide (63% of head length) and relatively deep. Greenish on back with silver stripe (at least 3/4  height of scale under dorsal fin) overlying a black one along mid-flank, stripe narrow at front (width < 1/2 pectoral fin base). Blunt nose. Two series of black dots along sides. of tail; tail tips often black in large fish.

Found in shallow waters over coral reefs. This species feeds on zooplankton and is found in large schools.

Life Cycle
The eggs probably have filaments attached that entangle on submerged aquatic vegetation or other objects.
Hardhead Silverside
(C) Ross Robertson
Hardhead Silverside