High Hat
Pareques acuminatus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Dem, S, M to 25 Cru, Wor, Mol, Pla Sh F
High Hat Adult
High Hat Adult
Adults:  Body deep, back strongly arched, head low. There is also a rarer dark morph.Snout overhangs horizontal mouth. Adult with whitish body and fins; 3-5
broad black/ dark brown longitudinal stripes plus narrow pale stripes in between. Spiny dorsal with a black bar, rear edge whitish.
Juveniles: Black longitudinal stripes on a white body. A bar across snout between eyes with two spots below that on snout.  Black on the upper pectoral fins. Very long dorsal fin in younger juveniles.

Found over sandy or muddy bottoms in coastal waters and near reef structure to about 60 m depth.  It is typically found in small groups beneath rock ledges by day. Juveniles occur in coastal lagoons.  It feeds on benthic invertebrates and zooplankton.  This species (like many Drums) can make repetitive throbbing or drumming sounds  by beating their abdominal muscles against the swim bladder.

Life Cycle
Oviparous. It has a very short larval phase and may lack a pelagic larval phase.
High Hat Juvenile
Striped Drum
High Hat Juvenile