Imitator Blenny
Malacoctenus erdmani
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R max 4 Cru ? Ter ? F
Greenish grey, with irregular dark barring on body, that intensify as dark saddles along upper bac.  Belly and lower tail base may have a series of ~10 dark to blackish bars, some joining the upper-body saddles.
Black-ringed green ocellus on upper back immediately under but not extending onto last dorsal fin spines; fins without spots. The dorsal bar anterior to ocellus with marked dark vertical margins. The similar Dusky Blenny (M. gilli), lacks these dark margins and has a spot which extends onto the dorsal fin.

Often faint diamond patterns on lower body. Usually has diagonal stripes on lower jaw. Occasionally red dots on body.
Sharply pointed snout

Inhabits surfaces of rocks, in depressions, and among clumps of algae, among broken coral debris and rocks in shallow water from 0 to 10m (0 to 30ft).

Life Cycle
Lays eggs in the benthos. Larvae have a pelagic phase before reaching maturity.
Imitator Blenny
Imitator Blenny
(C) Louis Johnson
Imitator Blenny
Imitator Blenny