Jolthead Porgy
Calamus bajonado
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 54 (max 76) Cru, Mol, Ech I PGH
Body laterally compressed, with a
large mouth and thick lips. Long sloping snout (cf. similar Saucereye Porgy [ C. calamus) with blunt snout, small mouth and thin lips). Often pale "moustache" on upper lip. Yellow corners to mouth. Silver colour, but  may have faint blue/ blue-green/ brassy cast. Usually with silver line under eye. Can rapidly change to having brown blotches or bars.

Inhabits coastal waters. Found on vegetated sand bottoms and more frequently on coral bottoms,  at depths from 3 - 180 m (10-580ft). Occasionally found at depths up to 200 m (625ft).  Large adults are usually solitary. Feeds mainly on sea urchins, including Diadema, crabs and molluscs.

Life Cycle
Like many members of the family Sparidae, the species exhibits protogynous hermaphrodism.
Jolthead Porgy
Jolthead Porgy