Key Worm Eel
Ahlia egmontis
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
S (R) 43 Cru, Pisc I/ Pr F
Body thin, snake-like, with adult body about the width of a finger.
Dorsal fin starts about 1/2 way down body behind anus. Snout appears "U-shared" from above, with upper jaw extending beyond lower jaw. Pectoral fins well developed. Pale tan, sometimes with scattered tiny spots. Older individuals often darker, possibly withdarker band behind head.

Inhabits seagrass beds from bays and mangroves to offshore reefs. Depths 0.2-37m.  It is nocturnal and moves freely on the surface at night. It has also been suggested that it might also exhibit burrowing behaviour

Life Cycle
Distinct pairing during breeding. Adults move to open sea to spawn. Larvae delay metamorphosis until suitable environmental conditions are encountered; metamorphosis occurs at about 8 cm
Key Worm  Eel
(C) Van Tassell
(C) Van Tassell
Key Worm  Eel
Key Worm  Eel