Ocean Triggerfish
Canthidermis sufflamen
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
EpiPel 65 Pla (Ech??) Sh, I F
Adult: Body Body relatively deep and highly lasterally compressed. Uniformly grey, with
black blotch at base of pectoral fin usually present (similar Grey Triggerfish [Balistes capriscus] lacks this blotch and dorsal & anal fins not markedly curved). Long curved anal and dorsal fins. Can pale or darken dramatically. It has a distinct groove before eye and below nostril.
Juvenile: Often brown and tan blotched.

Epipelagic throughout almost its entire life, at depths typically from 5-70m (15-250ft), usually 30m max, especially near drop-offs of seaward reefs . Occasionally in shallow water. Adults and juveniles are also often associated with drifting objects, including Sargassum. It may occasionally occur off current-swept points. Solitary or can form loose groups of about 6 to 50 individuals. Primarily feeds on large zooplankton, but has been reported to feed on the sea urchin, Diadema antillarum (in Eastern Atlantic).

Life Cycle:
Forms spawning aggregations, with maximum activity in late Summer/ Autumn.
Ocean Triggerfish
Ocean Triggerfish
(C) Richard Eaker