Papillose Blenny
Acanthemblemaria chaplini
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
R 4.5 Pla, Cru I F
Elongated body with a short blunt head, with showrt knobby spines on two low ridges between eyes to nout.
Strongly asymmetrical braching cirry over eyes and nostrils. Lighter color head with tan body and dark dots on rest of body. White spots on edges of fins as well as scattered along body. One large black, blue, orange spot on membrane of first few spines of dorsal fin.

This species is demersal, inhabiting limestone slopes dotted with small corals, sea urchins, etc. rather than patch reefs. Lives in holes  as well as abandoned worm holes and barnacles. Perches on the opening of the hole. Depths from 2 to 12m (6-35ft), but usually less than 7m (20ft).

Life Cycle
Pelagic eggs and larvae.
Papillose Blenny
Papillose Blenny
(C) Ross Robertson