Peppermint Goby
Coryphopterus  lipernes
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co 3 Cru, Veg, Det I PGH
Head and
body translucent yellow (greenish tint). Top of snout and upper eye with blue lines. Rounded snout.  3 blue lines running from the back of the eye. Upper one very short, middle extending front 1/3 of body and  lower one to the base of the pectoral fin. 

This species inhabits coral reefs in fairly deep water, at depths of 13 to 60m (40-190ft). It can be found in spur and groove and drop-off habitats. It remains in relatively continuous close physical contact with live corals. Individuals observed at night and during the day spend most of the time resting on live corals, with only a few brief forays onto nearby algal mats, or off the coral to feed. It may be dependent on live massive coral to some degree . It is usually solitary, but sometimes swims close to the reef in small groups.

Diurnally active, feeding on small crustaceans, benthic algae and detritus.

Life Cycle:
Benthic spawner. Species of this genus are sequential protogynous hermaphodites, maturing as females and later changing sex to male. Spawns on the substrate and has pelagic larvae.
Peppermint Goby
Bluenose Goby