Redband Parrotfish
Sparisoma aurofrenatum
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, S 28 Veg I, Sh, Harem PGH
Parrotfish owe their name to the shape of their mouth. Instead of teeth they have two beak-like plates, like parrots. They have even rows of large, noticeable scales on their bodies. The development of parrotfishes is complex and accompanied by a series of changes in color (polychromatism). Individuals usually mature as females (Initial Phase), with some later changing to the male sex (Terminal Phase). Large robust scales are prominent.

Terminal phase:  Greenish grey, paler below, flank yellowish brown, with a reddish tint below. A
red stripe (the "Red Band") runs from mouth, under eye to upper operculum. Iris red and a yellow blotch (bordered above by a cluster of small black spots) behind upper corner of operculum. Dorsal and anal fins are reddish and  tail yellowish grey, broadly bordered above, below and behind by red. Tips of lobes black and white..
Initial phase: Body dark to mid grey brown, paler below, sometimes with two pale stripes {mouth to tail base, over eye to tail  base). There is a
white spot on upper tail base just behind dorsal fin. Median fins reddish to brownish.
Juvenile: Like IP, but iris red and with a
dark blotch on and behind the top corner of the operculum.

This species is found in reef and sea grass habitats from 2-20 m depth. It inhabits clear coral and algal-rich reefs. It is solitary or in small groups and feeds on algae.  Juveniles are often found in seagrass beds. Forms harem groups composed of a single male and several smaller females.

Life Cycle:
It is a protogynous hermaphrodite, changing sex at 17cm. Breeding occurs year round, usually occurring during mornings. Males externally fertilize gametes that have been released into the water by the females. This is known as aggregated spawning where the individual rushes upward to release either sperm or eggs at the peak of the upward dash. Eggs may be up to 1mm in diameter, spherical and buoyant. Larvae hatch after about 25 hours.  The species lifespan is at least 5 years.

Redband Parrotfish TP
Redband Parrotfish Juvenile
Redband Parrotfish IP
Redband Parrotfish IP
Redband Parrotfish TP