Redbreast Tilapia
Coptodon rendalii
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Br 45 Cru, Veg (Pla) Sh F
Head and body mid to dark olive-green dorsally, paling over the flanks. Body usually with
vertical bars only and scales with a dark basal crescent. Dorsal fin olive-green with a thin red margin and white to grey dark oblique spots on the soft rays; caudal fin spotted on dorsal half and red or yellow on ventral half

Antigua Specifics:
This species is native to Africa (Congo basin), but introduced/ escaped. This particular specis can be found, for example in the brackish ponds near Jolly Harbour. There are some suggestions that Tilapia may be present in the freshwater habitat of Ptsdam resevoir, but the individual species there ha not yet been identifies (plus being freshwater is beyond the scope of this project).


Prefer quiet, well-vegetated water, ponds and swamps. Tolerant of a wide range of temperature (8-41°C)  and salinity to 19 ppt . Form schools.  Is mainly diurnal. Juveniles feed on plankton. Adults feed mainly on higher plants and also algae, insects and crustaceans.
Redbreast Tilapia