Reef Butterflyfish
Chaetodon sedentarius
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 18 Wor, Cru, eggs Pr F
Adult: Lower body silver-white. Dorsum (back) yellow-orange  and yellowish dorsal fin.
Dark bar from nape through eye and below. Caudal fin (tail) pale yellow to reddish.Dark bar through caudal peduncle (tail base) extending onto rear of dorsal and anal fins. Sometimes shows pale dark bars on body.
Juveniles:  Juveniles have a
spot on the rear of the dorsal fin that fades with age.

A reef-associated species, found at 0-105m (0-350ft), usually 15-40m.(50-130ft). Often found in pairs. Known to feed on the eggs of Sergeantmajor Damselfishes (Abudefduf saxatilis), plus polychaete worms, shrimps, amphipods and hydroids. Not commonly seen in Antigua compared to Banded or Foureye Butterflyfishes.

Life Cycle
Forms distinct pairs. Oviparous.
Reef Butterflyfish Adult
Reef Butterflyfish Juvenile
Reef Butterflyfish Adult
(C) Robertson & Van Tassell