Reef Silverside
Hypoatherina harringtonensis
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel 10 Pla Sh F
Dusky pigment on back seperated from
silver stripe on side by transparent space (appears as a pale stripe). Lower side pale without spots. Top edge of rear half of lower jaw extends upwards as high lobe. Snout length = eye diameter.

A pelagic species of  coastal habitats in shallow protected coastal bays and lagoons and often occurs near coral or rocky reefs shallower than 20 m. It often congregates in large schools and feeds on zooplankton, almost exclusively copepods. At night, the schools disperse and enter turtle grass beds to avoid predation. It commonly reaches 6 cm in length, but has been recorded to 10 cm

Life Cycle
The eggs probably have filaments attached that entangle on submerged aquatic vegetation or other objects. Spawning probably occurs in August.
Reef Silverside
(C) Van Tassell
Reef Silverside
Reef Silverside