Reef Squirrelfish
Neoniphon coruscum
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R, S 13 Cru, Noct I F
Smallest of the Antiguan Squirrelfishes. Reddish head, body and fins, white below. Body with
thin, bright white stripes. Soft dorsal, anal and tail fins translucent red. Spiny dorsal fin red, with white tips to spines and a row of white spots along the base of the fin. A large black blotch on the membranes between the 1st 3 spines. Inside pectoral fin base pale.

This reef-associated species is a nocturnal predator that inhabits sandy, rocky and coral bottoms. It is secretive during the day and found deep in crevices between branches of live corals. It is more often found in low profile sand or carbonate pavement habitats at night, but in the reef by day and is more common on seaward reefs than on protected reefs. It forages at night on the bottom, sometimes in small schools. It feeds mainly on shrimp, but also takes crabs.

Life Cycle
It is oviparous, with planktonic eggs and larvae.

Reef Squirrelfish
Sargocentron coruscum
(C) Jack Randall
Reef Squirrelfish