Rusty Goby
Priolepis hipoliti
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R 4 Cru I F
Dull olive to dull orange/ brownish with
9 narrow bluish-grey pale bars from head to tail base.  (Note the unbroken bars behind the eye, they are broken in various lookalike species). Stout with blunt head. Dorsal, pectoral, caudal  and anal fins often show orange spots.  A dark stripe along base of 1st dorsal fin. Has similarities to Brownbar (P. dawsoni) and Bluegold (Lythrypnus spilus) Gobies [not yet recorded here].

In reefs and rocks/ rubble. Reclusive species, typically found under ledges and frequently upside down on the underside of upper surface. Depths of 2-100m (6-280ft). Feeds on small crustaceans.

Life Cycle
Benthic eggs with pelagic larvae.
Rusty Goby
Rusty Goby
(C) James W Knox