Sharptail Eel
Myrichthys breviceps
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
S, R, Co 75 Cru (Pisc) I F
Body thin, snake-like, often grayish, but can be olive to purplish brown. Head with small yellow spots and large, diffuse,
pale spots on the body. These body spots often have yellow centers. Nostrils have tube-like extensions.

This reef-associated species is found in protected clear waters, near rocky and coral reefs and seagrass beds where it buries in the sand. Behaviour has been described as slow moving over the surface of the reef during daylight. It feeds primarily on crabs, as well as other crustaceans and small fishes.  Found in shallow areas to depths of 0- 20m (0-70ft), though usually <10m (30ft). However, leptocephali larvae have been found to depths of 223m.

Life Cycle
Eggs and leptocephali larvae are pelagic.
Sharptail Eel
Sharptail Eel
(C) Tiswango