Shortstripe Goby
Elacatinus chancei
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Tube sponge 5 Wor I/ Pr F
Shortstripe Goby
Body long and cylindrical with two dorsal fins and a subterminal mouth. Dark upper body and pale underside. A short
bright yellow stripe, highlighted by black edging, runs from each eye to the level of the pectoral fins. Snout and nape may be paler.

Inhabits tube sponges, spending most of its time inside and not often seen on the outer surface. Found from 4 to 30m (13-100ft).  It feeds on  parasitic polychaete worms associated with sponges e.g. Haplosyllis spongicola.

Life Cycle:
Not established
(C) James Garin
(C) Jack Randall
Shortstripe Goby
Shortstripe Goby