Whitefin Sharksucker
Echeneis neucratoides
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel or attached to host 50 (max 75) Pisc, Cle I F
Long, elongate body. Grey, white edged black stripe along side from tip of lower jaw through eye to caudal (tail)  fin - the stripe is broader at the front.
Wide white border on caudal (tail) fin (cf. Sharksucker ( E. naucrates) which has narrow borders). Foredorsal fin modified to form sucker on top-rear of head. Anal and tail fins broadly white .(cf. Sharksucker ( E. naucrates))

Attaches to turtles, sharks, rays etc.  Feeds on scraps of food discarded by their hosts, and may also consume the parasitic copepods on their skin.
This is a reef-associated species that has been recorded close to, and distantly from, the coast. It has a maximum size of 75 cm TL, but commonly to 50 cm TL. The maximum size is uncertain due to confusion with Echeneis naucrates.

Life Cycle
Pelagic larvae.
Whitefin Sharksucker