Yellowfin Mojarra
Gerres cinereus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Dem, S, Man, Br 40 Wor, Mol, Cru, Veg Sh/ I F
Silvery fish, with about
seven faint pinkish bars on each side of the body. Deeply forked tail with rounded tips. Pelvic fins yellow, pectoral fins may be yellowish.

Inhabits shallow coastal waters (0 to 50m) in open sandy and surf areas, seagrass beds, near reefs and mangrove channels, down to 15m (50ft). Enter brackish water, sometimes even fresh water. Juveniles can form big schools and adults found as individuals,  or in loose aggregations.
Feeds on vegetation and benthic invertebrates such as worms, clams and crustaceans, even feeds on insects. Often seen feeding in sand patches among reefs by thrusting its mouth into the sediment and expelling sand from the gill openings, using gill rakers to capture small food particles..

Life Cycle:
Sexual maturation of males and females reported at 16.4cm and 20.2cm, respectively, corresponding to one-year old organisms. First maturity length  at 15.8cm in males and 16.5m in females.  Reproduces once or twice a year and has a high fecundity
rate. Can live to at least 7 years.
Yellowfin Mojarra