Yellowtail Damselfish
Microspathodon chrysurus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R, S 15-21 Veg  (Cor) Ter F
Jewel Damselfish
(C) Dr P Ryan/ RyanPhotograhic
Yellowtail Damselfish Adult
Yellowtail Damselfish Intermediate
Yellowtail Damselfish Juvenile
Adult: Body laterally flattened, oval in profile, varying in color from brown to bluish black, with a
yellow tail. Head, back and dorsal fin with bright blue speckles.
Juveniles:  Dark blue with a translucent tail, which gradually changes to yellow with maturity. Brilliant blue dots over the body and fins. Also known colloquially as the Jewel damselfish on account of its striking juvenile colouration

Inhabits shallow waters of coral reefs, usually near the top of the outer edge between 3 and 12 m where there are caves, holes and fire corals (e.g. Mellepora). It is not dependent on live coral; and although it prefers a branching coral habitat, it is also found among dead coral. Feeds primarily on algae, but also on polyps of fire corals and other invertebrates. Juveniles occasionally pick parasites from other fish. Territorial, but they do not defend their domain aggressively

Yellowtail Damselfish Adult
(C) Rick Coleman
Yellowtail Damselfish Intermediate